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Founded in 2001, Rheo Technology Co., Ltd. is an environmentally friendly and non-solvent manufacturer of hot melt adhesive. To satisfy different market inquiry, Rheo Technology Co., Ltd. constantly introduces special raw materials in our products. Based on advanced analysis instruments and production equipment, we had developed various hot melt adhesives for market successfully! Rheo Technology Co., Ltd. obeys ISO9001 and quality control system. Raw material strict quality control and uniform production condition, Rheo Technology Co., Ltd. can supply the most stable products to customers.

Recently, under the global environmental trends, customers begin to use non-solvent and environmental friendly adhesive. Hot melt adhesive is solvent and water free, so the market shares increase dramatically. From 2008, the yield of hot melt adhesive is about 242,000 tons in China. In 2022, the yield is over than 1500,000 tons per year and growing up stably. Hot melt adhesive must take more adhesive market share in the future.


Rheo Technology Co., Ltd. had 1L, 2 galloon and 75L experimental mixers, which can prepare different amount of test sample for customers. Even though, scale up to 50、100、200、250 、500 、1500 gallon mixers, we can also maintain our products performance. All of the mixers were made in U.S., they equipped with very stable temperature and mixing speed control system. Our maximum capacity is 9,000 tons per year. Beside those stable control system, the mixer was vacuumed during high temperature melting process. Those advanced features can make our hot melt adhesive have stable quality and longer shield life.



Our hot melt adhesive had been used in different market successfully, such as medical tapes, hygiene, fastening tapes, labels, textile lamination, shoemaking, automobile industry, PVC floor tiles, luggage, packaging, mattress, building, cosmetic industry, aviation industry, domestic industry, electronic products etc.


Our R&D will analyze the raw material component, structure and original in depth. So we know raw material well and use it precisely. For this purpose, we invest lots of instruments and manpower in our R&D department.  R&D department also equip with several kind of hot melt coater, which can not only be the best weapon for our R&D team, but also show our persistence on satisfying our customer.

Rheo Technology Co., Ltd. R&D team will focus on customer’s application condition, bonding substrates and performance to do different test. The purpose is to simulate the real situation, not only theoretical proposal. Then we will collect and analyze the experiment data into our database system. So far, there are over than 50,000 data in the database and it increase continually. Based on the fundamental database, we can develop diversified products for our customer.

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